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Brooklyn School of Languages

Brooklyn School of Languages is located in the borough of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a few hundreds meters away from Manhattan, on the other side of the famous suspension Bridge. Life is quite different there: you will find a variety of communities in a village-like atmosphere, so different from the busy life of Manhattan. Personalities such as Woody Allen, Paul Auster or Lou Reed are from Brooklyn.

The school, which is located 5 minutes away from the bridge, welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere. Classes, which have a maximum capacity of 10 students, offer the best study conditions. Facilities include Wi-Fi, computers and a student lounge where you can socialize. There is a wide choice of shops, restaurants and cafés around the school.

New York

"I would recommend BSL because I will always remember the good experience I had during my stay! The lessons helped me to improve my language skills, the activity program is great and gave me the chance to meet new students, and I hope we will keep in touch with them in the future!

The activities of the school are really good. I enjoyed the Brooklyn Tour and the Happy Hour. The activities are very good and helpful to connect us with other students, meet friends and practise English with other people." - Regina Nafts, Germany